How to Use the Instant Face Lift
Spend some time in front of a mirror! Determine the best location for applying the tabs to achieve best results. Thoroughly clean the selected area of the face with rubbing alcohol and let dry completely. Separate your hair so the elastic can follow the part. Clip the rest of the hair to get it out of your way. After removing the paper backing, (without touching the adhesive) place adhesive side against the skin. Press firmly for 15 seconds.
Gently draw the two straps up across the back of your head. Determine how tight you want your lift. Slip the holes over the selected hooks on the device. Remove the hair clip, and gently comb your hair back over the device. Now you're ready to go out and enjoy life looking at least 10 years younger!.
How to Use the Instant Neck Lift
In front of a mirror, pull the skin on your neck back gently to get an idea of where you will place your tabs. Clip your hair up. Thoroughly clean the neck area with rubbing alcohol and let dry completely. Remove paper backing and apply first to one side, then wrap the second tab around the back of neck and apply. Press and hold firmly for a minute. Let your hair down and style as usual. You’r ready for a photo shoot or any special occasion and you’ll arrive looking years younger!
SOME HELPFUL TIPS- Practice makes perfect. It may take you a few tries to get it just the way you want it. If you have very oily skin, try cleaning twice with alcohol and do not use moisturizer or make up directly in the area of the tab. If you have very loose skin or are going to be sweating, we recommend using 2 sets of tabs. If the elastics are too large for your head or neck size, you can adjust by tying some small knots in the elastic until you get just the fit that’s right for you. Make sure when applying neck tabs not to grab the fine hairs around the neckline. To remove, we recommend loosening the tabs by applying some baby oil, or makeup remover especially on sensitive skin.