For over thirty years, Emmy Award winning makeup artist Art Harding has worked in film, television and print, creating looks for Hollywood's finest talent. He has educated and inspired students at Hollywood's most prestigious makeup schools. Now he has allowed me to share his expertise and his fabulous INSTANT FACE & NECK LIFT to you. THANKS FOR SHARING!

A professional makeup artist, Art created a Face Lift product that gives professional results that could be mastered by the amateur. For almost a decade, he used his creation exclusively in his film and television work. In 1996, he decided to take his trade secret to the public.

Art Harding's face lift products have been used on television and by celebrities, according to testimonials on the web site. The product uses elastic to secure the tape and comes in dark and light, with a 30 day money back guarantee.

“I’ve reviewed thousands of products and this is
absolutely the best ever! I wear them every day!”

Katherine Phelps, Author- Nip Tuck NEVER!

Sun exposure, gravity and genetics all play their role in the aging process. As our faces begin to mature one sees the lines around the mouth begin to drape and shadowed creases highlight the droop. The absolvable folds (affectionately called smile lines) grow prominent. The jaw line loses elasticity and jowls appear. And unlike other body parts we may wish to conceal, the face can't be so easily hidden.

With the FACELIFT-IN-A-SECOND, a youthful appearance doesn't require invasive procedures and expensive potions; the changes are subtle but powerful, sculpting but never startling. The lines are smoothed and the sagging is completely lifted, but without the frozen, Botoxed expressionless look, or that wind tunnel, tightly pulled back appearance that says “I’ve just had a facelift... ”It's you, only better.

This is absolutely THE BEST PRODUCT

Instant face lift tape has a strong following of women looking for a cure-all to aging skin. This non-surgical option can instantly give you an undetectable mini-face lift, smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.

There are several companies that make instant lifting tapes, each with a similar method of application. But it is important to compare the quality and design of the original FACELIFT-IN-A-SECOND’s INSTANT FACE & NECKLIFT created by master Hollywood make up stylist to the stars, for over 30 years, Art Harding!